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Naples Steam Cleaning

Naples Steam Cleaning

Why use steam cleaning vs. the so called dry method? {which is wet to touch} the steam cleaning vapor is exceptionally hot, usually over 200°F at the cleaning head. Heat is the most important component in cleaning any fiber or fabric. Heat weakens the physical bond between dirt or stains and the fiber that it is stuck to.

Steam cleaning of carpet and furniture can be dried in as little as one hour. Steam cleaning not only removes dirt, it kills dust mites, mold and mildew on contact. Allergy sufferers benefit greatly from steam cleaning because no chemicals are left behind as is the case with a so called dry cleaner.

Steam cleaning will improve your indoor air quality while a chemical cleaner will not!! Steam cleaning can be used on mattresses, pillows, arm chairs and cushions with no chemical residue. This eliminates dust mites, dirt and odors.

Why bring chemicals into your home where most are left behind for you and your pets!Use Naples steam cleaning experts Follow the Sun and keep your cleaning truly clean & natural.

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